Jan 09
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The Surprise

    Okay so I’ve been planning this party for weeks now. No months! My best friends Ally is turning 16! I have been planning and planning this party for and wanted her to have the best time at it. I invited our entire class and all of our friends. I even invited the kid no one liked. Nelson. Everyone hated him. He was so mean and he always picked on the younger kids. I invited him because I didn’t want him to feel bad. I hated excluding people. 

    Okay anyway back to the story. I had asked everyone to come and had made everyone promise not to say a word to Ally about it. Everyone had promised except for Nelson. He just nodded his head and walked away smiling. I had hoped he wouldn’t say anything to her and I didn’t think he would until the other night when we were at a party and he got mad at someone. 

Three days earlier at the party
    “I am going to tell everyone about the party! Even Ally!” Nelson shouted above the music. 

    I rushed over to him and slapped my hand over his mouth. 

    “You promised you wouldn’t say anything! Nelson please. You know how much I want to surprise her! Please don’t say a thing!” I begged him.

    “I didn’t promise anything to you. I nodded my head and walked away.” He reminded me.

    “I know but please!” I was nearly crying. This meant so much to me. 

    “You should have never told me. You messed up.” He sneered.

    “I was just trying to be nice. Nelson, you know that.” 

    “You will be lucky if I don’t tell her.” He said and slammed the door on his way out. 
Day of the party
    So here I am. Waiting for the party. Waiting for Ally to show up. I hoped so bad that he didn’t tell her. 

    The doorbell rang. I ran to the door and threw it open. Ally was standing there smiling at me.

    “Did Nelson tell you?” I asked.

    She smiled at me and said,”Yes but that doesn’t mean I won’t like it. Surprise or no surprise you’re still and always will be my best friend.” 
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