Jan 09
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     I was planning a surprise party for the whole school and I told Dylan to keep it a secret. She did but someone heard me tell her and they told the whole school about it and I didn't know that someone had told everyone. But my friend told me so I checked the cameras and I saw who was eavesdropping. It was Bailey! So, I went over to Bailey and said you eavesdropper! 
     Bailey was confused. Then I said “Don’t play dumb, I know you were spying on Dylan and I when we were talking about the surprise party.” Then Bailey said “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Then I said “Ohhh, ok, well bye.” 
     So, I checked them again and the person who was eavesdropping was Wyatt! So, I didn't talk to him and just made the surprise party and everyone came. We had fun, we talked, we danced, we played board games and after the party we all went home.