Jan 09
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Hi. My name is Bryan and my life, it’s kinda crazy. I’m going to tell you one of the kinda crazy things that has happened to me.

 So, one day I decided that I was gonna have a surprise party for my friend Geismar’s birthday. He was turning 111,111. I know he’s super, duper young, right?  

    Anyways, when I was planning his party, Mr. Hisomp came up to me and him being his “nosy posy self” he was like, “Oh hey. What are you doing? Like, I totes need the 411.”

I was like “uhhhhh… it’s kinda a secret surprise.” 

Looking back at it now I probably shouldn’t have told him that because it just made him want to know even more. But anyways, he practically brainwashed me just by saying,“Ummm. Excuse me. You’re not letting me in on a secret, uhhh! However could you NOT let me in on your secret! You are a bully and a traitor!” Then he almost stormed off but I stopped him before he could get more than a few feet away from me!

I had said to him, “Fine! I will tell you.” He had started doing what I assumed was a victory dance but I’m not sure because it was the absolute weirdest dance I’ve ever seen. After he was done I had told him what I was doing and he said “Ohhh… well, bye. I’m  off to go tell Geismar about this.” When I heard him say this I got so mad that I screamed at him. Probably louder than I should have. I said “Mr. Hisomp if you even whisper about it with someone near him I will melt you like ice cream caught in a heatwave.” After I said this he ran away as fast as he could and started screaming “MY MOUTH IS SHUT. MY MOUTH IS SHUT. OKAY!!” Yeah, I think I scared him a little. He hasn’t talked to me since.

Anyways, back to the party. I decided that the theme of the party would be jellyfishes eating pickles because Geismar loves and I mean LOVES this cartoon. Basically, you just watch a jellyfish eat an  unhealthy amount of pickles for twenty minutes. But he loves it and it’s his birthday party, so I will do whatever it takes to make him happy. 

In the end, everything worked out and I guess Mr. Hisomp didn’t tell anyone because we did it and Geismar was very happy and very, very surprised. I hope you enjoyed this kinda crazy life story!
The End

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