Jan 09

Mind in the stars

The World is a development

Success has created an alternate ego

For our minds

Many times I wonder

Whether the world has a family

Where they are from

Why they are here

And what does the world think

Of what we are doing
Childhood dreams

Are like sleeping houses

Lying among the reeds

Seaweed intermingles with translation

Old papers and ambition

Swirl together

Opening the secrets 
Some days are like finding


Walking through trees

There are old things here

We only have things left

To find
So turn the page

Just turn the page

And find the new story

Moonlight and starlight

Turning dreams

Turning moonlights dreams

Into reality 
Already before us

The sun was born

The earth was born

And we were too
Sometimes the earth goes on wild adventures

Through the galaxy



Spinning like a bowling ball

Through space
This was what I originally thought

Life was all about

But in the womb of living

I wonder 

I wondered like the earth
And wandered
The novels of characters and sameness

Were all together


this kind of sameness Was language
Drifting through the more dangerous things

Success and opinions

Affect the world

And we retreat

Only to come again

Later in this time
Meanings amuse me

For they are the things that we put together

That actually create a meaning

Sometimes words come out 

And you’re not sure whether you are making sense

But does it really matter

In the long run?
People look back

They may read your work

But does it matter what they think?

Professors and politicians

Even dream

I wonder if that is possible

I wonder if we can change
Talent is a whole other story

Sometimes projects run toward

The ocean

And get their feet wet

Talent is just a word

We create 

THere is no true talent

For everything is perfect

You can’t label one thing talent

And then leave the others to sink

In the water
Just get your feet wet

There is nothing to wait for

There is nothing to do but

Jump in

Jump in and watch 

As the blue of your clothes 

Floats away

Out into the water

Leaving your shirt and pants

A faded white
We are ready to adopt the opinion

Not many But one
Dangerous things  

Can lurk only in

the things we want 

But criticism and actors

Or artists

Can create the water

Stepping in it

And jumping in it
Don’t listen to the sun

Because sometimes it has an ulterior motive

This is his ambition

The popularity of might

And novels
Just jump in the water

Jump in the water

And be creative
For while the earth is off wandering 

In other galaxies

You are still here

You still have hands

And things to make
So make them.

About the Author: Fire83
“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” Malala Yousafzai