Jan 09
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How we met

I’m in the airport, hundreds of people buzzing around me. I look at my ticket trying to figure out where I’m supposed to go. This day could not be anymore stressful. First, I forget my passport and have to drive all the way back home to get it. Then my suitcase busted open and all my clothes fell out, and now I’m lost. I’m about ready to lose my cool when someone bumps into me. It’s a woman and she turns around immediately apologizing. I tell her it’s all right and continue trying to figure out where I am supposed to be. The lady doesn’t leave though, she continues looking at me. Then finally she asks, “Are you alright?” She quickly adds “I know we are strangers, but you look stressed out. I’m Alice by the way”

“I’m Rose, now we aren’t strangers anymore.”

“yeah, so what’s wrong?”

I hesitate wondering if I want to tell this complete stranger my whole story. There is something that tells me I should, so I do. For some reason I tell Alice every little detail about this awful day. There is something easy about it. She responds “Well I’m actually headed that way, so follow me and I can get you there.”

I thank her profusely. As we weave through the crowded airport we start talking. About nothing but at the same time everything. No small talk, we get right into it. It’s like I’ve known her for forever. We get to our terminal, and board our plane. We end up sitting next to each other. For the next six hours we talk, laugh, and watch our favorite TV shows. When the plane lands we exchange numbers and plan to meet up. Ever since then we have been best friends. 

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