Jan 10

Autumn Leaves, Frost Covered Ground

A harsh wind sends colorful autumn leaves tumbling from trees, and onto the frost covered ground. Thin trunks bend and sway, as if an invisible hands are reaching out, grabbing hold, and shaking with all their might. As I breathe out, my breath fogs up the air in front of me. Inhaling sends a burst of cold down my throat and into my lungs. I wrap my thin arms around myself, wishing I had thought to wear a coat, instead of a simple gray fleece. My ears are numb with cold, my nose red and runny, and my lips chapped. I shove my hands deeper into my shallow pockets, pushing them into the fabric at the bottom. 

Another gust of wind comes, this time straight into my face. I scrunch my face up, and close my eyes, protecting as much of my face as possible. The wind howls past my ears, creating noise in the otherwise quiet world. I start to tremble, uncontrollably. But I keep walking forwards, determined not to give in and turn back. 

The forest is getting darker, most likely because the sun is disappearing behind snow capped mountains. The trees cast dark shadows on the thin trail I have been following, making it harder and harder to keep progressing. My foot gets lodged under a root, and sends me sprawling forwards onto the hard ground. I land with a thump, the wind knocked out of me. I hear an audible snap, and pain shoots up my left leg. I cry out and vomit, for the pain is too much. I become dizzy, and the world goes all fuzzy. Hot tears stream down my face, and the world starts to disappear in a black fog.