Jan 10

"Do you enjoy school and how could it improve?" Response

My school experience.
Wrapped up nicely with no strings attached.
Where could that be?
My school experience is a very complicated thing that changes daily,
sometimes weekly,
depending on my mood.
Sometimes school is fun,
with interesting subjects and time to spend with friends during recess and lunch.
Other times,
it's a bore,
were I could fall asleep if it weren't for the hard table top.
I just want to get out,
get out,
get out.
Run away and see the world.
But I know that school is so important.
If I enjoyed school,
then would I be talking about how I could sleep during math class?
School has its ups and downs,
its lefts and rights,
and most of the time,
I'm half blind,
learning things that will help me later in life and wondering
"What in the world will I use unit 3.5 in algebra for?"
I guess I will have to find out, and I think I am willing to wait.
Improving school would be trying to teach our deaf old grandpa how to play a video game.
Half the time,
he can't even hear what your saying.
The other half,
he excels at it and beats you every time.
The only thing we need to improve is to make learning fair and easier for everyone,
no matter their age,
and so on and so forth.
So thank you, for making that happen.
About the Author: Forever young
"we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible."