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Hi. I am planning a surprise party for my best friend, Johana, since it is her birthday tomorrow. I have been planning it for months. I have been keeping it a secret for a long time. She has not found out and I am super excited to see her reaction at the party tonight! I am at school right now waiting at her locker and chewing Hubba Bubba.

“Hey Johana, how was your day?”

 “Are you planning a surprise party for me?”

 I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “ No. Who told you that?”

 “Mrs. Belle did. She said you were planning a really nice party for me.” At that point, I was nervous. I thought that the surprise was ruined! 

Later, we walked to the water fountain in the gym and I dropped a piece a paper on the floor.

 Johana picks it up and says with concern on her face, “What's this?” I quickly grab the paper and say, 

“Nothing, it’s just my report card.” 

“But report cards don’t come out until Friday and it’s  Wednesday,”Johana exclaimed!

 “It’s from last month,” I said. Our gym teacher called us over and that saved the surprise.

I managed to keep it a secret the rest of the day. It is 6:30pm right now and the party is 10 minutes away. I called Johana over. She thinks we are doing homework but really it’s a surprise party! It’s time, it’s time, it's time! It’s 6:40 and people are showing up. The party decorations are up, the snacks are out. I did it!

    We all hide and Johana comes in through the door. W yell “SURPRISE!!!!”

     “I know you were planning one.” said Johana. Thank you so much Dylan!”

After that we had a great party and Johana never forgot that day.         

                                By, Dylan Dickerson

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