Jan 10
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Hi. My name is David and I’m going to plan a surprise party for my favorite youtuber MrBeast. I’m planning for it to be a PewDiePie party. We are also going to be replacing confetti with dollar bills. I’ll probably be broke afterwards, but it will be fun. 

“Hi. It’s me, David, and I’m setting up the party at Skyzone. The party is tomorrow and I’m super excited. I haven’t told him when the surprise party is but I think he might find out somehow and end up surprising me.” 1 day later…

“Do we have all the stuff we need to give to him?” said Mr.Beast. 

“I think so.” said marcus.

 “Then let’s go.” said Mr.Beast 

 I was setting up the surprise when MrBeast came inside and than gave me tons of stuff. He gave me $10,000, 2 pairs of Beats headphones, 3 Macbook Pros, 2 iMacs, 1 iPad Pro, an iPhone 11 and Airpods! I started crying because all I got him was an iPad and an iPhone XR.

He gave me a hug and then everybody yelled “let’s get this party started.” It was the best party of my life.

 The day after we hung out, I got to go to tons of different places. We went bowling, snowboarding, skiing, skydiving and ziplining. The best part of all is that we got a new house from Mr.Beast. I also got his phone number and I got to be in a video. 

I was never expecting this. He got me so much stuff and I’m so thankful. I wish we could hangout more and do more things, but he has more stuff to do. Thank you Mr.Beast.


                                By, David
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