Jan 10
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Friendships can come from the strangest of events,

Sometimes what comes from the most unusual of circumstances,

Can lead to the best possible results,

Maybe you meet your best friend by connecting over your love of hotdogs at a hotdog eating contest, or maybe you connect with someone at the Justin Bieber Merchandise store, 

The point is that it's not how you met, it's that you met,

The strangest of friendships tend to be the realist and most long lasting,

If you both meet at the Justin Bieber Merchandise store whilst both wearing your pink I Heart Justin Bieber sweatshirt I would personally say that it is a match made in heaven,

Friendships come from common interests, ideas, and beliefs

And you should always follow that principle,

Don’t be friends with someone because they are “cool” or “popular”

Instead don’t be ashamed to hang out with the kids you most relate with,

Because someday,

When you need your friends most,

The cool kids,

Will be nowhere to be found
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