Jan 10
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What happens at midnight

There they stand in the middle of the unfamiliar house, both girls frozen with fear unknowing of what the other is going to do. Not knowing whether to run or stay put. Both girls slowly accept the fact that they aren’t the only one trying to rob this old man’s house and exchange hellos. They instantly click and become friends, sitting on the random living room floor they quietly talk about their lives and get to know each other. After about 30 minutes of talking they both agree that they should probably get out of the old man’s house for fear of being caught and punished. The two girls make their way out of the house but they don’t forget to stop and pick up super valuable things that they came for, because that’s how they both make a living after all. The two girls steal many things and then make their way outside of the house and down the street in the warm thick midnight air, giggling down the street both happy to have made a friend almost exactly like temself.