Jan 10
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Dumpster Divers

The trash was hot. Who needs a sauna anyways when you have piles among piles of steamy funky smelling waste. To make things even better, there were free eclairs at the very bottom of the dumpster. This was the best meal I had ever found in dumpster 9. I had everything I could ever want. Some steaming hot garbage, a steaming hot complection, and my eclairs. Well… almost everything I wanted. The one thing I wanted more than all the dumpster eclairs in the world was to have someone to share my hard earned food with. Not many people in this world approved of my unique lifestyle. In fact, I had never met someone that approved of my favorite hobby until Basil. That name made me think of that dumpster behind the fancy Italian restaurant where I would go when I wanted a bit of a fancy meal. It always smelled like rotten basil in that giant trash can. Basil (the person) was a tall blond girl that had an aroma of sweet citrus rotting it trash, and I loved her for it.  We met when I was getting ready to hop into dumpster number 3 behind the Mexican restaurant I heard a rustling noise coming from behind a pile of trash bags. I wasn’t scared because 99% of the time that this happened, it was just a stray cat. This moment was the one exception. Next thing I knew, a full grown human being crawled out of the trash bag with part of a taco hanging out of her mouth. “You want some?” She asked me. This question caught me off guard. In fact, this whole situation had caught me off guard. I had never met a fellow dumpster diver before! It might of been the greatest moment of my life when Basil asked if I wanted any of her taco. Ever since that joyous day, Basil and I spend every waking minute together. We share stories, food, and a love for week old chocolate chip cookies. Now that I have Basil in my life, I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. All I can say is that I am very happy that she was not a cat in that trash bag behind my favorite Mexican restaurant.
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