Jan 11

an object

Some people are like bandaids,
You use them to heal your wounds and they get dirty in the process,
When you're finished with the bandaid you throw it away,
Was I a bandaid?
Did you use me only to heal you?
Did you want to ruin me in the process?
Some people are like toys,
You get them out whenever you want and just play with it,
And then when you're finished you put it away to play with later,
But sometimes people forget about their toys,
Was I a toy?
Did you play with me only to forget about me?
Some people are like body builders,
They lift up weights and pull them down,
All to make them stronger,
And with each pull, the weight falls down and then up,
Was I a weight?
Did you only put me up and make me happy to see how powerful you are
Did you control me to benefit you?
Did you only do all that stuff to make yourself grow stronger?