Jan 11

who you are

(an mildly exagerated truth of my life) 

bubbles float around your head
is what you think 
but what you fail 
to see
is in this twisted 
there is no meaningless
origami frogs
dance around your toes 
they yearn to tell you things
but heaven only knows
what they could ever say 
to make you see sense
flames and broken bottles
trail behind you 
​destroying what you leave untouched
they call you evil 
label you until you bleed
tell you what you are and what you aren't
they unknowingly bring you to your knees
but you're too prideful 
to let them see
the sea of tears underneath 
and so you continue in this way 
the pain growing heavier 
with every passing day 
letting them call you 
what your not
for a long time
you cut yourself off
not really enjoying the family time 
never showing them your real smile 
it comes about 
and finally
you come out
of the darkness
the fear and the pain 
the uncertainness 
and the pondering what you could loose,
from a seemingly small gain 
but you worried too much 
they would never give up on you 
and they will always love you 
they're your family after all
and they won't ever discriminate
against who you are
you love who you love
and you decide what to be 
its your choice
so just let go 
and be free
you are who you are
and who you are
is amazing.