YWP Newsletter -1/13/20

(photo credit by Inkpaw)

Happy Monday YWP! It's a new week...finally. What a crazy start to 2020 it's been! Well anyway, I hope it settles down a bit more and that everyone's lives become slightly less chaotic. The good news is fun things are always happening at YWP so when your life is feeling like a lot come and join us for some workshops and share more writing with us! Sometimes it can be very therapeutic to just write something even if it's just a rambling string of words. :) Sending good wishes to everyone and inspiration! Have a great week.


Here's a description of the newsletter and those involved.

This newsletter highlights writing, audio, images and any happenings in the YWP Community. We are a small band of YWP Community Leaders who also help create Challenges, select Daily Reads, Recommended, and work for Publication. As the editors of the newsletter, our role is to bring you authors extra audience and shine and to bring you readers some special pieces of work. Please pass along this newsletter or the links to the stories to bring the authors even more viewers. Enjoy! 

This week's newsletter features work by fire girlInkpaw, gaia_lenox, Ice Blink, LadyMidnight, Nightheart, Niña Estrella, Treblemaker, and Jazmine_Juniper.


The book club continues into January! LadyMidnight's recommended book this month is Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen which she describes as a feel good read for these cold winter days. Check out the book club here!

Congratulations to Sam Aikman (Love to Write) who won the Academy of American Poets' 2020 National Poetry Month Poster Contest for Students! Sam will receive $500 and arts supplies, and she will be featured in the April issue of American Poets magazine. Way to go Sam! Read the news release here.

Come write creative non-fiction with YWP board member and prolific writer Mindy Wong! The workshop is at the Karma Bird House on January 18 from 10am - 11:30am. Sign up and learn more here!

Join in anytime to the YWP playwriting workshop! Lead by YWP creator and journalist Geoff Gevalt and assisted by a few former playwritings from this workshop and some professionals, it is truly a great opportunity to learn how to write a play and maybe have it presented on stage by the VT Young Playwrights! While you can join in whenever, it is advised that you sign up sooner then later as writing a play takes time and plays should be completed by March! Check it out and sign up here


A Town Called Forgotten
by gaia_lenox

there's this light 
that sits on top of a hill 
in a town you've never been to 

that casts broken 
shadows over houses 
you will never call home 

and there's a street 
made of pavement 
and time and 
skinned knees 

that sections off 
lawns made of 
grass that cannot 
remember the day before 

that's where I live 
with the ants that 
make your legs itch 
while you sit 

falling in love 
with words on a page 

and if you watch the light for 
long enough
you will forget your own name 

and instead tumble
down that same grass 
and into a lake made 
of each and every promise you 
have broken 

the general store 
is filled with stale coffee 
and a man in a worn gray cap 
pumping gas
and filling himself up with existential dread 

you know its him 
by the way the yellow light 
turns his face into the night sky 
and swallows you whole 

before he turns back to 
the pavement under his feet 
and wonders about 
3 am phone calls and the green cast 
around your arm 

and then you will take the number 13 bus 
filled with women covered 
in cobwebs and lipstick stains 

back to the street 
lined with houses you will never 
call home 

back to light that 
turns your name into 
a foreign language 

back to grass that forgets 
and stars the always remember 

this is a town called forgotten 
and it is a place I will never let you go  
(photo credit by Ice Blink)
Amreekai means American
by Nightheart

the story of my people 
is a tragedy, will drip with sadness
like a poets pen,

how could a land of poetry 
be anything but a tragedy, where the 
sky opens up and pours like a wound
like tears from a mothers face 
onto an unmarked grave. 

Amrika, the three syllables of their 
misfortunes, it tastes like the bitterness of 
dark chocolate when the sweet has faded, 
sticking to the back of teeth, 

i did not know that a string of countries could hold
so much pain, pain that sits in the souls
of every one of us, a gaping hole where hope used to lay, 

i watch the news and yet again,
our bleeding hearts are being help up to to the world
like prizes, and i want to tell you, 

begone, amreekai, you were never wanted here,
if only white hands could keep to themselves, 

but we still find your fingerprints inside the 
bodies of our sons who died fighting for our land, 
blood staining the ground, and your fingerprints smell like

oil & other peoples money, like
blood deals & broken homes, like
collateral damage & drones, like
'thou shalt not kill' but here we are, like
democracies you broke & land you stole, like
never your land but always your war,
like never your land, but always your war,
like those children who will never unremember the 
shaking of the ground & the dark of the basements 
& the sound of anti aircraft guns, 

tell me, amreekai, did you know that war 
spreads like a bruise through generations, 
that you have tinged millions of people purple
with your need to be more than you are,

amreekai, you have not seen the soil of 
you childhood home tinged red with the blood
of people you knew, amreekai, 

give me my tears back, because lately i 
have been crying about your almost-crimes, 
because of your never-deaths, 
because when you make a threat i 
can see grandmother home as a pile of rubble, 

tell me, amreekai, do you know what it is like
to be afraid, afraid of those dogs who have torn 
through nation after nation, to be afraid of them 
coming for you at last, 

amreekai, you have never fled from a country
that had nothing for you but pain and then 
loved it so much that you died from a broken heart,

do not tell me, amreekai, that toppling this government
is good for me when it is a monster that you created, 
do you know, amreekai,

what it is like to lose yourself in a sky that 
your ancestors split open with their 
mustard-gas stained tears, split open 
with all of their lives that could have been, 
but never were, 

tell me how you took away all those lives that we could 
have had, all the people that would have been, all 
the things that we could have made, with a single sweep of your hand, 

amreekai, give us the country we could have had back, 
and we will give you the peace you claim to so desperately want. 

(photo credit by LadyMidnight)
by Niña Estrella

When you breathe, breathe in happiness
Thoughts of what you could be if there was peace.
Circle your hand in the water
It goes around forever, it breathes with you.
If you rest, let your whole body rest
Lie back into the waves and let them carry you.
This is life. It is yours and it is peaceful. 
Blow bubbles into the water
And play with what the world has given you
Like a dolphin splashing through the waves
Nothing ends
At the horizon. 
Come back to your roots
The childhood that you once played in
Enjoy that forever.
Feel your toes on the sandy, muddy earth. 
Reach out and smile.
You can always come back
To where you once knew what happiness was.
Dive down under the water.
It is there to hold you when you need it. 
Breathe always, 
Balance carries the world on its shoulders. 
Laugh into the wind
It whips your hair and laughs with you. 

(photo credit by Inkpaw)


can there be middle case letters? cause like I feel lowercase doesn't emphasize my point enough but UPPER CASE IS TOO MUCH you feel me.

I can see the sun through the clouds even when they cover it up
The brilliantly colored birds fly the dark clouds away
And lift me up
So I can see the sun again.

sleep is a friend I have not seen in many years, she packed her bags and the only bags left are the ones under my eyes.