Jan 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind
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Gone with a Breeze

I sat quietly on the beach minding my own business.
I watched as the waves washed over the dampened sand.
The sun glistened on the pebbles, and the clouds moved ever so slowly.
The beach was quiet, but my thoughts were loud. 
Despite that, I was happy watching as the seagull’s dove into the sea and the sand molded around my feet.
I never wanted to leave. 
I closed my eyes and let the breeze embrace my body.
My hair felt matted and tangled as it split in every direction.
The wind was cold, but my heart felt warm. 
I let my brain stop thinking, and allowed the wind to do it for me.
I opened my eyes and gazed out in front of me.
The blue sea was darker and the waves were now white caps.
In the moment, I realized the wind had strengthened the sea,
before understanding the wind would never be stronger than me. 
I gathered myself and waved goodbye to the ocean air.
I stumbled through the sand and headed towards my car.
I glanced back to see a still ocean.
The breeze was gone, and so were my thoughts.