Jan 13


my mind's on a loop
it's burning a track in my brain

i guess it's okay, i feel just the same,
but the mask that's holding in is starting to break

i feel sick, i feel dizzy, but i can't leave it behind
it seems there is only one path in my mind

no, i'm okay, i promise you
it's just like a song in my head, it's nothing to you,

what would you say if you really knew?
you're already worried, i don't want to burden you,

so my mental state isn't the greatest, see?
don't worry, i'm too scared to die and i'm too scared to bleed.

anger is setting in, 
taking ahold of me,

do you feel good? 'cause i sure don't.
thought it would be plain to see.

you're so naive, if i didn't tell you,
you'd never see.

but that's what parents are there for!
sure, to let me suffer and die.

if i wanted, i'd let anger take control,
then you'd see if i'm really fine!