Jan 14
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Scarlett Blush

The red heat consumed my cheeks,

But why was I blushing again? Oh right.

The boys holler the most embarrassing word, 

The only thing they could possibly use against me.

And it’s just his name. 

That annoying three letter name that brings the scarlet rushing to my face. 

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to hide the pink now. 

If they see it,

What will they think? Surely they will get the wrong idea.
It’s certainly not feelings that bring up the blush. Only my sheer embarrassment. 

I can’t even turn around and explain to them why the red surrounds and bloats my face. 

All I can do is stare at the paper in front of me,

Stare ahead at the chalkboard,

Think about ANYTHING other than him. 

But it always comes back into my mind. 

All these confusing words and emotions. 

And I wonder what he thinks, what he’s thinking now, if he thinks of me or not?