Jan 14

The Silent Song

    The moon glowed brightly, casting a silvery hue on the whole clearing. The tall grasses swayed peacefully to a melody only they could hear and the water lapped against the shore in a gentle rhythm. The stars soaked the sky like specks of bright paint on a dark canvas, dancing to an untaught choreography. Everything was so calm. But that was about to change. It came so fast that even the trees, standing tall and rustling lightly now and then to add the soft song coursing through the veins of the forest, didn't see it was coming. It came hurtling from all sides. Picking up leaves abanded on the forest floor and scattering them like confetti, whipping through the cool night air and crashing through fluffy white clouds. Howling words of an unknown language. And finally disappearing over the glittering horizon, just beginning to show the first signs of daylight.