Jan 15
poem challenge: WHO-Contest

who I am

I am made of moonbeams 
and shaped by my craft
the flowing words inside of me
that I can never hold back 
I am unidentified
and often quite mischievous 
who am I?
I am me
I love 
and I laugh
I smile 
and I have a mild pickle addiction
I am random 
and magical 
I love who I love
and I often scrape my knees 
on the pavement 
of time
falling over backwards
and drinking cold tea
I am spontaneous
and fun 
I throw open doors
and down hallways I run 
till I'm aching 
and my rib cage feels like its breaking 
from the wild beat of my heart
sometimes I'm a fish 
swimming all day 
not into getting tan 
I laugh and I play with the waves
letting them bury my feet in the sand
sometimes I'm a bird
I fly till I'm tired
and then I sit in a tree
watching the world 
as it calmly ignores me
sometimes I'm a dog
I'll stay with you forever
I'll always be by your side
through good and bad weather
and I'll run with you to the end of the earth 
if that's what will make you feel better
sometimes I'm a dragon
If you hurt me you will just be ignored
but if you insult my family
your getting a reward
of one flame filled breath of anger and unsavory words
cause you messed with the wrong fiery soul 
I chase the leaves as they fall 
I dance on my own 
I make up new songs
I'm wild and free
and don't always do as I'm told
but I'll still help you up when you fall 
I like getting lost 
in the dimension of a book 
and seeing the world 
through a filter of somebody else
I am all of these things
and oh so much more
and there is so much of myself
I have yet to explore
so I keep throwing open new windows 
and excitedly opening new doors
cause there is no point in waiting
to discover the unknown.