Jan 15
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The Forests Friend

“What was that!” a tall man with an axe yelled. Who was in the middle of chopping down trees for firewood in the winter, when he saw something moving from inside a bush nearby.

 “Who’s there!” the man yelled again. The tall man approached the bush that he saw move with caution, not knowing what he was about to see. The man pushed aside the bushes stems only to see a small rabbit hiding inside. But little did he know that the small rabbit was protecting a tree nearby, in front of the tree was a small girl about twelve years old was blending into the tree. With her dark copper brown skin blended in with the trees dark brown bark, and her red-ish orange hair that blended in with the red autumn leaves. 

“Squeak! Squeak!” a noise came from above the small girl.

 “Squeak! Squeak!” the noise came again. But the man heard the mouse make a high pitched squeak and started to go over to the tree it came from. The small girl saw the man coming over and ran away from the area. The man saw her dive into a giant bush nearby, but he also noticed her red autumn hair all of a sudden turned green to blend in with the bushes dark purple and green leaves, and her skin became darker and thin as the bushes dark brambles.

Then he changed direction starting to walk over to where the small twelve year old land in frustration. 

“Why can’t I fly, or turn into a rabbit or a bear!” the small girl yelled. “Whoops did I say that out loud,” she whispered. Then the tall man heard her yell for the first time, or even speak at all. The man noticed her voice and remembered that voice from when he was very young, about twenty four years ago exact he remembered his little sister when he was around sixteen got lost in the woods and someone with a hood and a cape said, “ You should really keep an eye on this child of yours,” then disappeared. But he was already almost forty years old with a wife and kids.

“What's your name,” he asked, “Mine is Walter,” The girl finally spoke again.

 “My name is Oak, if you must know,” she said trembling in fear when Walter was still holding the axe. After that they never saw each other again.
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