Jan 15

here be dragons

I think I float sometimes
maybe without knowing
but my little thread
and i fall upward 
but I'm not complaining
of course
it's the best way after all to touch the

I know I hum to myself 
And whisper over and over again
So when i reach the double bar
I’ll can spread myself across the staff
And clink rusty keys together
Until the resounding echo
Is a resolution of harmony.

I dotted ink in my fingerprint
a small act of rebellion
so that they remember
I'm here still
waiting for 
that moment where everything

I'm not sure that anyone
even exists
I mean i have no evidence
except for photos
taken through someone else's lens
and what should that mean to me?
its only a memory  I stole 
to heal my
bleeding heart

I write too much
well that's an understatement
but my pages are filled with unfinished
that i forgot the ending to
but to be fair i forgot
the beginning

I surround myself in a 
sea of words
finished homework floats along
up top
af aceless ghost to remind me I have something
worth keeping
a secret that only i get to know
one that isn’t gossip

My bedspread is a map
of lilac lampshades
and frozen dreams
like the tip of the iceberg that pierced
the Titanic 
And sent it in a spiral 
swallowed by the ocean.

I hesitate to call myself a poet
all im doing is spinning words in gold
and letting them leak from my
into your starry mouths
so you may be satisfied
with the world
and maybe find 
peace with it.

In conclusion
we are nothing
without proof
of existence
without life 
and heart
and deep breaths
and love
for where you are be rolling comfort
But here with me,

Here be dragons

About the Author: LadyMidnight
"There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemmingway