Jan 16

Froggy Boots.

It was my third or fourth birthday, if I recall correctly. I had been given a pair of small, green, frog faced rubber boots. I loved those boots from the second I saw them, I pulled them on and ran outside, to splash in the puddles. I remember my mother came outside too, she took my hand, and we jumped in the puddles together, hand in hand, with matching grins. The rain started sprinkling, and refreshing my upturned face. I danced around, trying to catch the raindrops on my tongue, if i could i think i would have tried to swallow the sky. I've always loved rain, the way it sounds pitter pattering on the roof, and in the summer, how amazing it feels to dance in the fallen clouds. The puddles it leaves afterwards, always make me want to jump in them, just to feel like a child again.