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The Witch In Me

    In 1692 witches were under attack because of Abigail Williams and her cousin Betty Parris. Abigail Williams is my great-grandmother. OMG, I almost forgot to tell you who I am. I am Kathy Williams, great-granddaughter of Abigail Williams if you don’t know who Abigail Williams is that’s ok not everyone knows.
   “Kathy ann Williams get your butt to school right now young lady,” yelled My Mother.
   “I am coming, Mother,” I yelled back. So yeah, my mother is not really one to wait so I better go before she comes up and uses her magic on me. My mother dropped me off at school and when I say dropped I mean dropped.  
 “There you are,” said Harmony. Harmony is my BFF.
 “ Sorry my sister forced me to clean up her mess that she blamed me for,” I said angrily.
 “ Wow Melody did that again,” Harmony said looking surprised.
  “ Yeah she is a brat, I am so mad at her,” I shouted, “ Wow that was loud.”
“ Yeah a bit too loud,” Harmony said. Now everyone was looking our way. Just then the bell started to ring.
    “Great, I am going to be late,”  I said inside my head. Then Harmony and I ran into the person I hated the most, Ivy. “ OMG look who it is, It is Ivy,” I snarled. SO yeah I am a little mean.
   “Oh Kathy I didn't see you there,” Ivy said shyly.
    “Neither did I because you blend in with the trash can,” I shot back.
    “Come on Kathy, Ivy is not worth our time,” Harmony Said.
    “ Yeah your right bye bye Ivy,” I said smiling. Then Harmony and I walk to class. At about noon the whole school went silent even Kathy was silent. Kathy could still move but not very much but it was just enough to see a black figure walking in the school. I hid under the table I was near. “ Did I just see what I  think I saw,” I said out loud., “ Yeah I just did.” Just then the light came on.
  “ So does anyone know the answer to the question,” said the professor. 
“ I do,” said Matt. Matt is the smartest in class.
“ Miss. Williams, get up off the floor right now,” shouted the professor. 
“ Sorry, but did anyone see that man walking in the school?” I asked.
“ Hey guys look Kathy is seeing things,” Brad taunted. 
“ Mr. greek, we do not tolerate picking on other students go to the headmaster's office right now,” shouted Professor Howl. By the end of the day, I was so tired that when my mother picked me up.
“ Can I skip my homework,” I asked. Right after I said that I knew it was a mistake.
“ What you want to skip out on homework young lady you are now grounded, for wanting to skip out on homework,” My mother told me.  
“ But mother Brad told me to say that!” I lied.
“ Well, then you should have said no,” My mother said, “ That’s my phone I'll right back Kathy.”
“Ok,” I said. I was in shock my mother chose a phone call than talking to me! I was fine with it. I did not have to be yelled at. That night I called up My BFF Harmony and told her about what I saw.
“ Kathy are you sure that’s what you saw,” Harmony asked.
“ Yes, Girl I am sure of what I saw if you don’t believe me well sorry but I know what I saw,” I yelled into the phone.
“ Well then I don’t think we can be friends anymore,” Harmony said.
“ NO, NO, please forgive me Harmony, I am just a little mad,” I pleaded.
“ Fine I forgive you and your diva moment,” Harmony said.
“Thank you, you are such a good friend,”  I thanked.
“ I know, I know, oh do you know that Ivy told her dad what we said today,”  Harmony asked. I thought “ just great more to deal with,” but then I remember what I said to Ivy.
“ I know what will keep her from telling anyone else,” I exclaimed. Then I hung up the phone to get ready for bed. I was a little curious about what the phone call was that my mother had. I heard her say, “ No, No, you are wrong that can’t be true he would never, would he?” but I didn't think much about it. I woke up at 5:00 am. Thinking that I heard a voice in the hall but I could have just imagined it. I got up out of bed and took a shower. 
“ Kathy,” a voice said.
“ Hello, who’s there?” I asked.
“ Kathy, you know who I am,” said the voice.
“ No, I don’t,” I said.
“ Goodbye, Kathy,” the voice said.
“ No, tell m who you are!” I shouted, “Hello.” There was no answer. I was so freaked out about what just happened. Then, of all people, my mother walked into the room.
“ What are you doing up at 5:34 in the morning,” My mother asked.
“ Umm, I just woke up and thought I would take a shower,” I said.
 “ Don’t ever do that again,” my mother snarled.
“ sorry mother I will not do that again,” I said. I was again shocked by my mother. She has been acting really odd. Like last night, for example, she was on the phone with someone yelling at them.
“ Hey, are you listening to me Kathy?” my mother asked.
“ yeah I am listening to you Mother,” I said.
“ No your not, you are grounded young lady!” my mother shouted.
“ what why!” I asked.
“ You just are,” My mother told me.  I just walked out of the room I was so frustrated with my mother. She is so stressed out so I tried to stay away from her. 
“ Kathy, clean up your mess,” Melody yelled.
“ Melody Chloe Williams, you clean up your mess, it is not your sister's responsibility!”  mother shouted. 
“ But...But,” Melody whined.
“ No buts, you are grounded.” My mother shouted.
“ Jessy, let the kids be,” My father said. My father was a really important man.
“ Don, I can’t they're not listening,” My mother told him. My mother was the most powerful witch ever. 
“ Kids it is time to go to school, honey we will talk later,”  Father said.
“ Wait for me,” Harry shouted.
“ and me,” Jake shouted. Father told us to grab our brooms and to follow him. After we dropped off Harry at middle school and Jake at grade school. Father bought Melody and I to high school
“ Stay safe you two,” He said before he flew away.
“ stay safe what is that supposed to mean?” Melody asked.
“ I don’t know Melody,” I said. Kathy and Melody walked into school. Kathy was fearing that the figure will be there again.  Kathy walked into the class and sat down.
“ hey, do you know where harmony is? I asked.
“ No,” Matt said.
“ Class pay attention I have bad news,”  professor howl said, “ Harmony moon was found dead this morning in her room.”
“WHAT,” I shouted. 
“ I am sorry miss. Williams,” Professor howl said.
“ NO NO this can't be happening,” I cried.
“ Miss. Williams do you want to go home?” asked professor howl.
“ Yeah, that would be fine,” I answer.
“Ok I will call home,” Professor howl said.  I was in tears when father picked me up.
“ I heard about Harmony, dear,” father said.
“ OK,” I said in between my tears.
“ She was killed with magic, Kathy,” father said.
“ Ok,” I said again. It was silent on the way home. Father did not say anything until we got home.
“ I am sorry Kathy,” father said, “ I know you two were best friends.” 
“ Father, you have no idea what I am going through right now,” I snapped.
“ Kathy, this might be hard to do but I need to ask you some questions,” father told me.
“ Why I did nothing wrong,” I yelled.
“ yes, I know that but you were the last person to talk to her,” father said, “ Did Harmony have any enemies?”
“ No, none that I knew of,” I said.
“ Ok, Next question. Did Harmony say anything odd,” Father asked?
“ no, she was normal father,” I said.
“ I know nothing or I can’t think clearly, can I do this when feeling better father,” I asked.
“ sure, if that is what needs to be done,” Father said. I just walked into the house and upstairs. Then I heard my mother yelling.
“ NO, NO, I will do it since you can’t do anything right,” then she hung up the phone and said “one down 3 million left to go,” what is that supposed to mean. I don’t know but I don’t want to know. I just fell asleep and when I woke up I saw a black figure in my room standing over me.
“ wh..what who are you?” I asked.
“ you know who I am,” said the figure.
“ No I don’t know you,” I said in fear. 
“ come on Kathy, you know who I am,” the figure said fiercely.
“ How do you know my name?” I asked. 
“ goodbye Kathy,” The figure said. Then the figure faded away. 
“ Hello, is anyone there,” I asked to make sure no one was there. I must have fallen back to sleep because when I woke up with my whole family was in my room everyone but my mother.
“ Kathy, are you ok?” Jake asked.
“ yeah I am fine,” I answered.
 “ are you sure you were screaming,” Father said.
“ really, oh sorry,” I said.
“ well it is dinner time,” Melody said. 
“ Ok, Thank you, Mel” I thanked.
“ Well don’t thank me dad told me to say that,” Melody snapped.
“ Melody, do not talk to your sister like that.” Father snapped. After dinner father asked if I was ready for more questions. I said “ yeah I am ready,” but I was not really ready. After a few questions like “ did harmony’s family have any enemies?” Father asked a question that I wish he did not.
“ Kathy, did you kill harmony?” What kind of question is that?
“ Father, you think that I killed my BFF!” I shouted.
“ Kathy, It is a question that I had to ask, I am sorry,” He said.
“ You are not sorry Father!” I yelled. Then stormed upstairs and flopped on my bed. I did not feel like taking a shower. So I just got dressed and went to bed. In the morning I did not feel like going to school and my father was fine with it but my mother was not ok.
“ you want to what,” mother yelled.
“ Jessy, she just lost a friend, and the school is fine with it,” father said.
“ So what if I lost a friend I would suck it up,” Mother snarled.
“ But she is 16 years old she does not have control of her emotions,” father snapped.
“ It is ok father, mother is different than us,” I said.
“ What is that supposed to mean?” Mother asked angrily. 
“ that means mother that I need this so I don't lose my cool,” I shouted.
“ You are…,” Mother tried to say.
“ Jessy you need to leave her alone she is fine,” Father shouted.
“ Well then I am leaving Don and I am not coming back,” mother said then she went upstairs packed her things and left and that was the last thing we heard from her.
“ Father, I am so sorry I made Mother leave,” I apologized.
“ No, you don’t have to apologize for it, she chose that way,” Father reassured me.
“Really father,” I said.
“ Yes really,” father said. Then he walked out of the room. After the talk, I went to my room for the rest of the day. When all of my siblings got home there was a knock on my door.
“ Come in,” I said.
“ Kathy,” said Harry.
“ Hi, harry what are you doing,” I asked.
“ Oh I just want to tell you about mother,” He said.
“ I don’t want to hear about mother right now,” I said.
“ But it is important,” he begged.
“ Ok what is it,” I asked.
“ Mother was the one who killed Harmony,” He told me.
“ What,” I yelled.
“ Not so loud, father does not know,” He whispered.
“ What do you mean father does not know,” I asked, “ you need to tell him.”
“ Well I can’t,” he whined.
“ You need to,” I said sternly.
“ Well, I was hoping you will help me with something?” he said.
“ What do you need help with?” I asked.
“ I need help finding mother,” he said, “ and that is why I can’t tell father”
“ Ok I will help you, but I will ask some of my friends to help out,” I said picking up my phone.
“ Ok I will make sure that Melody, Jake, and Ivy will be ready by 6:00 tonight,” He said happily. 
“ Ok, wait Ivy is coming along?” I asked.
“ yes because her mother was killed by our mother,” he told me.
“Oh, I didn’t know that,” I said and sad for Ivy. That must have been why she hated me after her mother died. It was a bright and sunny day and Ivy and Kathy were playing outside.
“ Ivy sweetheart come here,” said Mr.Mill.
“ Coming Papa,” Ivy said.
“ Ivy mama is dead,” Mr. Mill said.
“ NO,” Ivy screamed. After that day me and Ivy were not friends anymore.
“ Well you two are going to have to get along,” Harry said.
“ Ok I will try because I want to find mother,” I said, “ Let me get ready.”
“ OK be ready in half an hour,” Harry said then he walked out the room. I change out of my pink vans t-shirt and super cute shorts. Then I put my long black hair in a ponytail and I grab a camo t-shirt and ripped jeans. 
“ You will not go and find your mother,” said the black figure.
“ well too bad because I will not listen to you ever,” I said.
“ What I am your great- grandmother,”  said the figure.
“ no, you are not!” I screamed.
“Yes I am,” said the figure, “I am Abigail Williams.”
“ Wh...what,” I sputtered.
“ Now you will not find your mother,” Abigail Williams said then she faded away. I stood there like an idiot. I did not know what to say. I decided that I was going to find mother and figure out why she is doing what she is doing.
“ Kathy you ready it is time to go,” Harry yelled. 
“ Okay, I am coming!” I yelled back. It time to go; Now I had to find mother and bring her back. We all met in the park near all of our houses Melody, Jake, Harry, Ivy, Nick, Amy balrod and I were talking about our battle plan.
“ Ok, does everyone know the plan,” Jake asked.
“ Yup, I do,” Nick said.
“ I think everyone knows the plan, Jake,” said Melody. Then everyone shook their heads yes.
“ But how do we find her?” Ivy asked.
“ well that will be the hard part,” I said.
“ The hard part everything is going to be hard,” hissed  Amy Parris.
“ Amy no one asks you what you thought,” I snapped. Amy is my cousin she is just visiting from Mississippi. I like Mississippi it looks very nice.
   “ Hello, I asked you a question,” Amy hissed.
“ Ok, what was your question?” I asked.
“ My question was why do you have to be so rude all the time,” she snarled.
“ I am only rude when people like you make me mad,” I hissed.
“ Well I am telling my parents about you and they will never let me come over again,” she threatened.
“ Oh, that won’t be good,” I said scarcely.
“ UMMMM,” Amy said.
“ Umm what,” Harry asked.
“ Ummm that a thing is right above your head,” Amy yelled.
“ AHHHHHHH,” Harry screamed.
“where is the sword?” Nick asked.
“ We don’t have one,” Ivy said.
“ Well, why don’t we have one,” Nick asked.
“ because I didn’t think we need one,” Ivy snapped.
“ Guys, do we have anything to fight off this thing,” Harry yelled.
“ I have a knife,” Melody offered.
“ Use it,” Harry yelled. Melody stabbed the figure holding Harry.
“ Umm, what is going on here,” A girl said. We all turn and look to see who was standing there. It was Bree Balord she is in 7th grade with harry. 
“Bree, what are you doing here?” Harry asked. He was blushing when he said that.
“Well I was in my house then I heard screaming so I want t see what was happening,” she answered. 
“ Oh well, we are looking for my mother,” Harry said.
“ Can I help?” Bree asked.
“ Yeah you can help,” Harry said without thinking. I thought yeah it might be nice to have one more people come with us. Safety in numbers. Right. NO, I was wrong because now everyone wants to come with us and that was like fifty people.
“ I am sorry but not everyone can come we don’t have enough supplies for everyone,” I told them.
“ Don’t worry we have more supplies,” Said a woman.
“ No you can’t come with us,”  I said.
“ Why not?” asked a man.
“ Because I don’t know,” I said.
“ Well now we are coming with you,” said a fifty-year-old man. 
“ Ok, get ready we are leaving in 10 minutes,” I told everyone. Everyone set off to get ready. When everyone was ready we set off. Of course, we had no idea where my mother was but if I were her I would hide in her childhood playhouse. You might be wondering why in her childhood playhouse she would hide there because that is where she went when she ran away from home. 
“ Jessy, I am so proud of you,”  Abigail exclaimed.
“ Grandma, I am just doing what you did not finish,” Jessy said.  
“ I know sweetheart,” Abigail said sadly.
 “Don’t be sad I will kill all of them,” Jessy laughed. 
“ Oh I am not, I am so proud you look just like your mother,” Abigail said.
“Abby, dear it is time for her first kill alone,” the man said.
“ Have a great time Jessy,” Abigail said.
“ I will grandma,” Jessy said, “ I will make sure of it. As I walked out of the basement I was scared but also so happy my great-grandma is letting me kill my first-person alone. The person was Mark Jobs he is a warlock a powerful one but not too powerful I could take him. When I arrived at Mark’s house he was in the living room with his family, of course, I will have to have to do this the hard way. 
“ Kathy, how are we going to find mother?” Jake asked. We had a lead on mother but it leads us to Mark’s house so I told his family that my mother is missing and she is killing people and we need to find her and make her stop.
“ Oh my, we had no idea,” Said Mrs, Jobs.
“ Mark is alone, he might be in danger,” Mr, Jobs exclaimed.
“Where is his room?” I asked.
“ Up the stairs first room on the right,” Mrs. Jobs replied, “ Please hurry.”
“ No promises,” Nick said. We walked upstairs I was so nervous. I was scared. Was I going to walk in on my mother killing a kid in my class? No, I would walk in to see matt sit on his bed.
“ We are here,” Nick said. 
“ Ok be as silent as you can be,” I told him. 
“ I will try,” He started, “ Kathy your mother is really dangerous I don’t think that.”
“ Shhh, I hear something,” I interrupted.
“ Stop screaming it will hurt less,” the woman said.
“  That is my mother,” I whisper- shouted.
“ Who is there,” Mother asked.
“ Don’t say anything,” Nick said.
“ Nick I am scared. I whispered.
“ Kathy, how did you find me?” mother asked.
“ Mother I need you to stop,” I said.
“ I can’t I need all witches dead for me to stop,” Mother said.
“ Mother, why do you need all witches dead?” I asked.
“ I just need to, goodbye Kathy,” Mother said before she left.
“ Kathy,” a voice said.
“ Matt!” I yelled.
“ Kathy,” Matt said in shock.
“ Matt, stay with me okay. Don’t die on me,” I said.
“ Kathy I did not know you cared so much,” Matt said smiling.
“ I care because your parents want you alive,” I said.
“ I was poisoned, Kathy,” Matt said.  
“ My mother poisoned you?” I asked.
“ Yes, she said the only way to remove the poisoned was a kiss,” Matt said.
“ I will get your mother then,” I said.
“ No it has to be a relative of the person who poisoned me,” Matt said.
“ Fine, I will kiss you to save you,” I said, “ This means nothing.” When our lips touched I felt the poison rush into me. I fell backward into Nick.
“ Kathy are you okay?” Nick asked. I started to shake. 
“ Oh my,” Mrs, Jobs said.
“ I will call 911,” Mr, Jobs said. I did not know what was going on all I saw was people rushing in the room. I heard someone say. “ Stay with me Kathy don’t die on me,”  then I blurted out “ Matt,” I don’t remember much after that. When I woke up in the hospital Mel, Harry, Nick, Matt, Amy, and Jake was in the room.
 “Do you want the good news or bad news first?” Melody asked.
 “Bad news,” I replied.
 “ Father is missing by missing I mean,” Melody started.
 “ Missing I know what you mean, But why?” I asked.
 “We don’t know why he is just gone,” Harry said.
 “ and the good news?” I asked hopefully.
 “ We know where mother is hiding out,” Jake whispered.
 “ Really!,” I shouted, “ This is amazing we can stop her,” 
 “ Yeah we can,” Matt said.
“ Since I am a witch I can be healed now,” I said. My eyes turned white and a black mist started to form around me.
 “ Get out so you are safe,” I growled. The mist was tight around me now I felt amazing and I knew what had to be done. The mist loosen and there I stood proud and tall. I was ready to bring my mother back.
 “ I am ready to leave,”  I said when I walked out of my room.
 “ Okay let us go,”  Nick said. We checked out of the hospital and walked outside. The air was cold and wet. I looked around and saw the world was grey. My mother cast a greyness spell. I knew that I had to find mother and stop her. The wind was picking up, now the sky was pitch black. I saw right before my own eyes an older man appeared. 
   “ Hello there Kathy,” The man snarled. 
   “ Who are you?” I asked.
   “ Oh me I am William Williams. You’re great-grandpa,”  William laughed.
   “ Why are you here?”  I asked. The air was cold, very cold. I was sure he was sent by Abigail. I was scared really scared and I knew that Nick was scared too. Matt put his hand on my shoulder. It was odd he has never done that before.
   “ Well Kathy gammy sent me,” Willam said. He was laughing really hard. “ Fight me, Kathy,” He told me. A light started to form in his hands then he blasted it at me but I did not feel hit because it hit matt he protected me what.  I rush over to matt. He was still breathing thank god. 
    “ Come on Kathy, Fight me like a true witch,” He said. He told me to fight him like a real witch well then grandpa you have a true witch. Kathy’s eyes started to glow. She was floating in the air with a dark mist floating around her. Kathy’s hands started to glow bright red.
“ Kno na Ba,” I shouted. A fireball came flying out of my hands. I did not know I could do that. That will definitely come in handy. When I hit the man he flew backward.
“ Kathy,” Matt said.
“ It is okay but I need to find my mother,” I said walking away. As we walked away I looked back at the man have defeated. He was curled up in a ball on the ground. I felt a little bad, I mean I did just blasted him with fire. Amy was happy when she saw me even though I am a year younger she treats me like a 17-year-old girl. When Amy saw me she threw her arms around me and squeezed me tight.
“ Are you okay Kathy?” Amy asked. 
“ Yeah I am just a little shook,” I replied.
“ Okay,” Amy said. Then she hugged me again. I was not used to being hugged by her. It was weird. 
“ We need to find mother,” I said, “ Where is Melody, Harry, Jake, and Ivy.” 
“ They are looking for your father,” Amy said.
“Okay well I need to go,” I said, “ you coming.” As we walked away I thought who will I have to fight next. I shook away that thought. I just want to find mother and bring her back. 
   We arrived at an old basement at 6:30 pm. Melody said this is where they saw mother and a woman. I knew that the woman was Abigail Williams. They also said that one of the women had a bump. I was shocked when I heard that. Could my mother be pregnant? Could it be possible? NO. Could it. I tried to put it out of my mind. 
   “Okay, does anyone know how to get in?” I asked.
    “ No, we have not looked,” Mel replied. 
   Great now we have to look around to find the entrance. Luckily we found within ten minutes of looking. I was the first person to enter the basement. The air in the basement was cold and thick. It was also very dusty. As we walked through the basement we saw some rooms. One of the rooms looked like it was mother's room. The next room that we saw was a baby’s room but it had two cribs. Was mother having twins? I burst into sobs on the ground. 
    “ Kathy, It is okay,” Melody said between sobs.
    “ How could she not tell us that she is pregnant!”  I shouted.
    “ Kathy, please don’t yell?” Ivy asked.
    “ Ivy you don’t know how it feels when mother lies to you!” I shouted. Ivy looked stunned like I hit her with knockout darts.
     “ Kathy, I can’t know how it feels,” Ivy started to say, “ Because The woman that you are crying about kill her.” Ivy started to cry and Nick went to comfort her. Matt came over to me and hugged me. Matt started to sway then out of nowhere he kissed my forehead. Nick saw he was not happy but to make me mad he kissed Ivy’s forehead. Bree went over to Harry and hugged him. Mel went over to Jake and hugged him.                                                    Our candlelight went out. Then I heard Nick yell Ivy’s name. When our candle flickered back on we all saw Ivy on the ground with cuts on her body. Who would do this? I quickly got up and looked around. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure looking at us. 
 “ Who is there,” I asked, “ I asked a question.” 
 “ Bye,” something said. 
   I looked around frantically. But saw nothing. I started to cry again.  Matt pulled me closer. I could feel the warmth of his body. Jake started to cry. Well, he is only 10. 
   “ Jake it is okay,” Melody said. 
  But it was not okay. We had to Ivy to a safe place.
   “ I need to find mother without you guys,” I said. 
   “ Kathy I am not letting you go out there alone,” Matt said jumping up.
   “ I have to go alone,” I replied. 
   “ Please let me come,” Matt asked.
   I thought about it for a moment. Would it be bad to let him come? YES! No! I can’t choose. I want him to come but it is dangerous.  
   “ Matt are you sure you want to go it is dangerous?” I asked?
   “ Yes, I want to go,”  He answered. 
  We said goodbye to everyone. As we walked Matt was quiet really quiet. I wanted to ask what was wrong but I stayed quiet. Took what seems like 1000 years to get to the opening. 
   “ GO!” something shouted.
   “ Show me, my Mother, NOW,” I yelled.
   “ I am here sweetheart,” Mother answered.
   “ Mother?” I asked.
    “ Yes,” Mother replied.
    “ MOTHER!” I shouted. 
    When I saw her I started to run to her. I wanted to hug her BUT. BUT. I could not. I don’t know why. But I could not.  Felt a rush of anger, pain, sadness, and afraid. I heard matt called out my name but I ignored it. Mother betrayed me. How could she? Out of nowhere, I blasted my mother with fire. I felt really bad. Then of all people, Abigail went right in front of me.
     “ Move I need to bring my mother home,” I said.
      “ Not so fast, little one,” Abigail said. 
     “ What!” I shouted.  
    I felt like a ball of rage. I want to bring my mother home. Then Abigail said something that made me take my rage to the next level. She said, “ To bring your mother home you have to fight me.” What is with people and wanting to fight me. But I said “ bring it on,”
    Abigail was the first one to start the fight with a blast of ice. I melted the ice with a blast of fire. The fight went on for 1 hour before I made a mistake and got seriously injured. Matt came running up to me asking if I was okay. I was not okay. Matt quickly got the others. They all want to help me win the battle. 
     “ Kathy, look out!” Bree shouted.
   As I looked up Abigail shot me. OMG, SHE SHOT ME! I started to panic. What was going to happen? Was I going to DIE? My eyes felt heavy.  I started to see white. I felt like I was floating. I felt my life slipping away from me. I then fell hard to the ground. I heard an older woman say “ Leave my daughter alone.” MOTHER. She is protecting me. I felt my life come back. I felt stronger. I felt RAGE. I felt powerful. My hands, and my eyes,  started to glow. My body started to lift off the ground. 
    “ YOU ARE DONE FOR ABIGAIL!” I shouted.
      My rage felt hot. I could not control it anymore. I wave of heat coming off of my body on went right for Abigail. Abigail was no more. 
    “ Kathy, are you okay,”  Mother asked. 
     “  Yeah, I’m fine,  are you okay,” I asked.
      “ Yeah I am fine,” Mother replied. 
      I was so happy to know that my mother is okay. As we left the cave thought what life would be like if mother did not leave. Did not kill. I wonder on our way home if mother knew that father was missing or if she even cared. When we got home Matt stopped me.
       “ Kathy, I know this is bad timing but when you feel better do you want to go on a date with me?’ Matt asked.
       “ Sure, how bout next weekend,” I answered.
       “ Hey, you two it is party time!” Melody shouted.
   I was excited we were having a party. Drinks, food, and just partying.
       “ Sweetie,” Mother stated, “ Thank you for saving me.”
       “Your welcome,” I replied, “ let’s just have a good time.” 
       We partied, and partied, and partied. We had one heck of a time. Outside of the window where everyone was partying. A dark figure was standing.
       “ You may have one this time Kathy, But it will be your last,” It said. 

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