Jan 17
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The Black Hole

Once when Riley was little five year old she always dreamed of going to space when she was older. All she talked about for years was how much she wanted to go to Nasa. One day she went to school and went to her friend Emma 

“I’m going to Nasa when I’m older! I’ll get to go into rocket ships!” Riley sreaked in excitement. 

“That’s amazing Riley! We can now go together! But how do you know you’re going did you get an invite?” Emma asked confused. Riley never knew you had to get an invite to go to Nasa and fly in rocket ships. 

“Yes but in a few years I can go because I’m too little I might just float into space and never come back.” Riley lied so Emma would believe her, and reply nicely. 

On the way home she was blabbering to her Dad that she told Emma she was going to Nasa and fly up in space. 

“What is that crazy driver doing! He is go…” but it was too late her Dad never finished. The crazy driver swerved and hit them. One month later,

“What happened? where am I?” Riley asked sitting in a hospital bed. The poor seven year old had got in a car crash when a getaway driver running from the police, caused the crash and left injured with the police following. 

“Where’s Daddy?” I started to cry for two reasons. One she didn’t know where her Dad was. Two, her favorite stuffed animal Mr. Frew Frew’s head had burned off. 

“Can we go home Mom? Maybe Daddy’s there.” I said with a sniff of sadness. Not knowing that her Dad was dead. 

“Just tell me where Daddy is!” Riley screamed that started to go into a cry. 

“Be quiet. You’ll wake the other patients.” a Nurse whispered calmly. 

“Get in this wheelchair I’ll take you to him.” the Doctor said nervously. Riley hopped into the wheelchair and let the Doctor take her and her Mother to the dead patient room. Soon she finally saw the tomb her Dad was in, and the Doctor opened the tomb and she saw her Dad but his head was burned clean off. 

“Noooo Daddy! What happened to him!” Riley shouted. Riley’s Dad was dead.

     After her Dad’s death, for about fifteen years she studied all about space, the solar system and constellations. When she turned twenty she got an invite to go to Nasa. She got nervous because she never thought she would actually go to Nasa, she only dreamed of going. “Mom! Max! Come quick! It finally happened, I’m going to Nasa, and I’m going to fly in rocket ships!” Riley screamed out side.
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