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Once upon a time there was a girl named Jackie. She lived with her dad and her older sister.They were very, very poor and her dad was working 15 hours a day. He only got Sundays off.

 Her mom died last year of brain cancer in 1977. Jackie is 12 and her older sister, Cher, is 15. One day they were outside and Cher was on her Gameboy and Jackie was playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with her dad. Then Jackie heard a noise in the woods. She said, “What's that?” 

Her dad and sister were silent. So, Jackie decided to follow the noise. The wind was getting stronger and stronger. She could hear her mom's voice traveling through her mind like water down a stream.

 She wanted to go back but she got lost. She thought she could never find her way home. She was scared! She heard the voice again and then she saw a piece of hair on a tree branch. It was silky and soft. Jackie heard sticks cracking, like someone was walking towards her. 

She saw something in the distance, in the fog, walking towards her. “Hello,” she said. “ Is someone there?” Then in that moment she knew who it was… her mom!  

                                        By, Dylan
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