Jan 17
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Awaiting Death.

Tomorrow I hope life will still grasp me in its clutch
I hope Death will await at my doorstep, patiently knocking
Knock, knock, knock
I hope for the door to remain closed, acting as a barricade
I try to push the thought of Death out of my mind, but it keeps knocking
It’s ever presence looms over my head, a dense cloud of fog 
Certainly, I am fast enough to outrun a landslide
But I will never be as fast as Death
Certainly, I’m strong enough to push the boulders and mud back up the mountain
But I will never be strong enough to lift the heavy burden of death off my shoulders
Certainly, I am as agile as a monkey gliding among the treetops
But no matter where I go, where I hide, death follows
Tomorrow I hope life will still grasp hold me in its clutch
As time ticks by life gets shorter and shorter
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Death gets closer and closer
It is a distant storm, rapidly approaching
Showing me the ferocious way it can tear a place apart
Life is the sun, dowsing me in the last of its light before the dark clouds takeover
Tomorrow I hope... 

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