Jan 17
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One day I was walking down the street and I was searching the ground for something valuable, just like I always do. Today though, I wasn't interested in the loose pennies and nails I always saw. I was looking for something, I'm not sure what it was, but I knew it would be there when I found it. There was a sort of pull… almost like a magnet and a paper clip. It was like a magnet, and I was the paperclip, being pulled away from the streets of Paris and into a world of light and dark. 

All I saw was the sidewalk in front of me, and even that seemed to be fading into the bright light that made the path to… well, whatever it was that was pulling me towards it. I followed the path, only slower now, knowing that there were dangers ahead that were yet to show themselves. 

I was right too, which became all too apparent when I started seeing dark shapes lurking just out of the light. By then I was getting kind of nerves, so I picked up my pace a little. ( by a little, I mean a lot.) I started running, and that was my mistake. Out of nowhere (well actually out of the shadows that were just a little too close to me) jumped creature after creature, all looking a little too hungry for my taste. 

They advanced, as one. And when I say as one I mean literally as one. I couldn't tell one from another. To me they all looked like one big angry mob that was thinking “ Yummmy, yummmy in my tummmy “. Like I said, scary!

I only had one thought in my head as I reach for my pocket knife and charged into battle. “Not again.”

And then I charged, yelling “you big bullies”! To be honest, I probably would have died in that fight, but no. I never reached the shadow creatures, for that was what they were, I instead got teleported to the object. Actually, it wasn't really an object, more of a light source. And no, it was not a light bulb. 

This story ends as it should, with a happily ever after. 

So yeah, I retrieved the light and...Hurrah!!!!

The end!
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