Jan 17
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week 17

Once Upon a time there was a boy named James. Every day after school he would sneak into the woods. So, one day I followed him and I saw him playing with a baby wolf. I snuck out of the woods and went back to my house. I got my dog and hiked back to the woods, so if the momma wolf came back, I would have something to protect us.

 I was sneaking back down into the woods when I heard him scream. I started running down the hill to him. I was 100 feet from him when I saw the momma wolf. I let my dog go and he ran and jumped on the wolf. They both went rolling down the hill. The baby wolf was still there. I ran down and pushed him and he went rolling down the hill. The baby wolf ran behind a tree and hid. 

Then I ran to fight off my dog and the wolf. I picked up a club and ran into the fight. I hit  the wolf in the stomach with the stick and she ran 10 feet away and then ran back at us. My dog went back into the fight. My dog and the wolf went rolling into a ditch and the wolf hit her head on a rock and was knocked out. My dog climbed out of the ditch and we went back up the hill. 

James was gone! I looked around and I saw James petting the baby wolf. I asked him what are you doing? He said that was the first time the mother wolf came. He came here every day to play with the baby wolf. I said we should go before the mama wolf wakes up.

Just then the mother wolf walked out of the pit and started running at us. I yelled that we have to go. James stood up and ran up the hill but the mama wolf was too close. My dog ran in and jumped on the wolf and again they both went rolling down the hill. They went rolling straight for the rapids in the river. I ran down the hill, so they would not go into the rapids. The mother wolf hit a tree and was knocked out. My dog hit the brakes and the wolf wentrolling into the rapids. She woke up as soon as she hit the water. She swam to the other side of the river. I walked up to James and we walked out of the woods. I told him he should not see the baby wolf again. 

            THE END

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