Jan 17
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what the paintings would say.

I think that the portrait of the young woman is about to say. “Hi how are you. “ you would say good.”How are you. She would say “good.” ”What’s your name. “ You would say your name.”    Then she would ask to be friends. You would say yes or no. she would also ask for your phone number.

She would say  hi how are you because  I think that’s nice. I think her personality is nice and kind. She plays with everyone. She is friends with everyone. She is good 

When she goes to school.  She has very good grades.

    Next, she would say “What’s your name because she would probably like to know what she should call you. Also because she probably like to be your friend. Also if she wanted to call you and your mom and dad answered then she would have to ask for you.  Also if she saw you walking on the street then she would probably want to call for you.

    Next she would say would you like to be friends because she is friends with everybody. Also because she would like to be nice. She would also probably care. And also she would probably like to hang out. Also she probably likes sleepovers.

    Lastly, she would ask for your phone number because she probably would like to call you. Also probably so she can ask to have a playdate. Also probably to have a sleepover. She also would probably like to hang out. 

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