Jan 17
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It was a cold fall day close to being Hallowen and Ms. Schroder was talking about Unicef and everyone got a unicef box. My teacher said, “Okay class we’re going to be learning about Unicef. Unicef helps raise money for people who need money.” I took it home and I built it and I put money in it. I got money from Diwali and my cousin and my auntie and my uncle gave it to me. I put it in the box on the cushion but I accidentally dropped it. I didn’t even know it was dropped. It sounded like money was shaking. I wanted to bring the Unicef box but I couldn’t bring it trick or treating because I could not find it. It was raining. I made a huge mess in my room trying to find it. I felt angry because I couldn’t find it. After I gave up trying to look for it so I just put my costume on. Then after I went trick or treating I found my Unicef box and it was sitting under my bed. I took out the box and put more money in it felt dry. I got the money from my piggy bank also Diwali. I put it in my backpack. And then everybody gave the Unicef box to Mrs. Schroder and third grade won an all  third grade recess yay I only collect money because I wanted to give money to the people who need it.
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