Jan 17
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Jeffrey and The Spray Paint

One night, there was a mysterious man named Jeffrey. Nobody knew him. He strolls the neighborhood roads at night. The neighborhood is in Rutland. It has 5 houses on each side. Each house looks identical to the next one. The houses have a pink roof and a purple siding. Each house has 4 windows and an upstairs. 

One night Jeffrey was strolling through the neighborhood and saw a house. He decided he was going to spray paint the house. 

He went to the store and got spray paint the next day. When he felt that it was late enough at night and everyone was asleep, he went to a house and spray painted it. He didn’t know that the spray can would be loud enough to wake everyone up! The neighbor woke up and looked out her window. She saw Jeffrey and called the police. They came and brought Jeffrey home because they thought that he would learn his lesson. He stayed home until the next morning and then spray painted another house.

He got in trouble again! This time, they took him to jail. The police told Jeffrey that if he got caught in trouble again they would take him to jail because he won't be able to get out. 

After a few years in jail, he learned his lesson. He learned that he should never do things to other people's stuff. His Grandma was very proud of him. After a few years he got out and realized that it wasn't good to spray paint people’s houses.
                                    By, Allyssa
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