My name is Sam.

I live in a mute town where nobody speaks.

We communicate through gestures and facial expressions. 

I have a part time job at the local supermarket.

It’s an early Summer morning.

A man walks in with a list and a confused look on his face. 

He shrugs his shoulders as if he's confused about where he is. 

I grab the list from his hands to realize that all of these items are for the pet store. 

I wait a minute

I don’t know how to explain to him he’s in the wrong place. 

I run to the back room leaving the lost man out front and grab a map and a red sharpie. 

I then run quickly outfront where I point to the man in the direction he needs to go to find the stuff he is looking for.

Then we part our separate ways and I locked up and went home for the rest of the afternoon.

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