Jan 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Legacy


Big bold letters
screaming my story in all caps.
Not a story.
I was here.
Even when I didn't want to be,
I was here.
I've hidden behind metaphors and similies.
Played dress up with words.
Danced around the raw truth.
The walls are covered with my words,
pages and pages of words,
taped up delicately
to form a mosiac of letters.
My sticky note smile has a place up there.
The participation ribbons
and Polaroids of people long gone go up too.
I am...
I am fractured.
I am resilient,
I am colorful.
I am tired.
I am still standing.
I am learning.
I am fixing what I can.
I am beautiful.
I am me.
Pen in one hand
script in the other.
More and more words
until it is a tornado
of twisting and turning sentences,
a mess of a person,
but a person nonetheless.
I was here.
And I always will be.