Jan 20

I'll Go With You

"I'll go do it," they say,

"You stay here," they say,

"I'm fine. I can do it by myself," they say.

Well, sometimes, that just doesn't work.

Sometimes, I can see that someone is in need.

Sometimes, I can see that people need help, whether they deny it or not.

Sometimes, you just have to say something like this:

"I'll go with you,".

I'll go with you.

Down the path that may be rocky.

Hard times come every day,

and that is why you need someone to be there who will guide you through thick branches,

tall searing grass,

or even drowning quicksand.

Life is like a hike.

A very long hike,

that will take decisions that no one has ever made before,

but the key to surviving it,

is finding someone who can easily say,

"Don't worry. I'll go with you".