Jan 20

unfolding origami cranes:

I fell
through water 
and into you 

everything was backwards 
my name written upside down 
under your barely there finger nails 

my mouth 
glued into a perfect 

refusing to tell 
prying eyes on the other 
line of a telephone reciever 

all the ways I loved 

how it 
hid under the surface 
of my skin 

in all the small ways 
that your arms sometimes 
curled around my shoulders 
when my heart 
would beat too fast 

how my thoughts 
fumbled over you 
everytime I took a breath 

how your eyes 
never made me scared of drowning 
how instead 
I swam to the ocean floor 

how do I put 
into words 
mumbled through a telephone
that you are every drop of rain 
and the center of a hurricane 

and I never want to come up for

"shut up I'm your sunshine on cloudy days" 

you were utterly unexpected 
and completely necessary 
and I hope to god you dont break my heart