Jan 21


you're fighting
in the war i didn't start
pit yourself
against my heart
till i'm all black and blue
even my mind,
it is brusied
my love's run dry
and i don't know how to cry
always told
to stay strong
but now it's
destroyed me from the inside.
i can't imagine how to feels
to not be insecure
i'm running a race
with a finish line
that moves every time
i take a step.
now i can't realize
that i hurt you every time
that i lie and say,
i'm fine.
because i'm not
my mind's full of rot
my thoughts are all jumbled
i don't how to stay alive
now i'm fighting
in a war i'll never win
because it's you
against me
and i always give in.
your smile is like a rose
so sweet
but with it's thorns
when did i become the monster
when did i become the villain
why am i always wrong
when i'm screaming out for help
to someone who doesn't even know my name.
you aren't you
i'm not me
and i doubt we'll ever be
i'm gone
yet i'm here
and you never can erase
what i wrote in ink
you can't destroy a memory
and i know my legacy
will live on
when i can not.
let me be
let me breathe
let me learn to tell the truth
soon enough
i will change
and the monster will go away
not a thorn
not a prayer left unanswered
not a sentence without a period
just me
all me
because that's all i can be
so that'll have to be enough
can't create
out of nothing
but i'm here
and i know you can see
that's it's me
and it
will be.