Jan 21

Why I write you poems

time stops
as i breathe 
and out 
i try 
but the lines on the page 
arent what i want them to be 
i just want to capture your wild look 
and precious eyes 
in this paper and graphite
but it's hard 
and making your face stare at mine
it hurts
i erase 
like everything else
i say never mind 
and leave the eraser crumbs in my wake 
i tear up the paper
and place my hands over my face
i let the dust fall 
and cloud over my former desires 
yet in my heart 
you can't seem to stop setting fires 
I pick up the pencil again 
i let my fingers cover the white
but no longer do i see lines
i see words
in my font 
I see my freedom 
on this page i feel my thoughts 
in these words
i can sense myself
and i let them flow
until my pencil is dull 
and my paper is torn from my hastily scribbled thoughts
i let the words flow 
From my mind 
until the pain is gone 
And all I see is you
Instead of trying to paint portraits 
I write poems 
To show you I see who you are
Paint only captures your looks
While words can describe your mind.