Jan 22

Your Best Friend

Opening the door everyday to see her there
Listening to her scratching and pawing against the door
As if she summons you 

Laying on her as if shes your pillow and hearing the quiet thump of her heart 
Hearing her paws prancing into your bedroom ready for sleep
Feeling her wet nose againt your face as you binge a show 
Smelling her wet fur after a rainy day 

She has always been there for you as a friend to listen 
Someone to share your favorite snacks with 
Someone there for your shoulder to cry on 
Someone there to give all of your love to 

In a moment of sadness you need her 
You need one bear hug, one kiss on the face, or one walk in the rain 
But all you can get is one paw to hold, and one set of puppy eyes slowly closing
You get one moment to hold on to her, before you’ll no longer hear her soft heart beat 
You will no longer get cuddles or kisses
You will no longer be able to share your love
You will no longer have a best friend
You will just have a collar that will sit where she waited for you every day
And one million memories of the time well spent

About the Author: Kenzie
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