Jan 22

High Above The Clouds

You told me to meet you
in the clouds, alone.
I went to my roof and
you held my hand flying me above the clouds.
It was a fun ride while it lasted,
as I peeked down we were high off the ground.
My house faded away as we passed the clouds,
just for a split second I had regrets of coming
and letting you fly me up, way up.
I was scared of falling from not giving
you what you wanted, for letting me fly
and showing me beyond the world
everyone sees everyday, I was
special that night.
It didn’t last long, as I opened my eyes
I saw the worst thing happening, I tried
grabbing the air tight to hold on, but,
it’s not magic.
I was falling straight down hearing you
laughing at me going straight down to my death.
And that was the night, 
I had my life taken away, forever.