Jan 22
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Smoking lounge

Maybe a classic classroom door
It might be a gazebo
In the courtyard
Of the local high school
And in this area, people come and go 
And these people
They might be under the age of 18
They are lighting cigarettes
The school board coming
This area of the school
To be a smoking lounge
It’s 1990

There’s a girl 
She goes to a public high school
Her public high school is in the third most liberal state in the world
She walks into the bathroom
And instantaneously 
An aroma
Of not so fresh mangos 
Blows into her nose
And the window is open
And there is probably a kid walking outside
Who feels the breeze against his face
And the formaldehyde goes into his nostrils
And now he starts thinking about mango

It’s 2020
Here's the difference after a span of 30 years
Instead of a dedicated room made for students
Who wanted to smoke
It is a bathroom
Made for students to pee
Instead of a problem that can be fixed
And doesn’t kick in until later in life
It is a disease that can kill after a span of six months
Instead of being commissioned by the school board
It is commissioned by Juul
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