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Once in the middle of the night there was a person named grady. he was in the woods on a walk. he saw an old log cabin he went to see what is inside. He went in when he walked in, he saw an old teleportel he saw a button on it he pressed it. it made a blue flash he walked into it.when he walked into it got the power of when he laughs fire comes out of his mouth. So he laughed and burnt the old teleportel. 2 years later: he was at a party with his friends. When they were walking out of the party grady’s friends made the dumbest joke that will ever be told and he laughed for some dumb reason and now his frineds name is ash if you you know what hppend to him 2 years ago you will know why his frineds name is ash.Then cops came and he went to jail for 4 years. Year 3,Grady did not want to be in jail anymore so he laughed and burnt the wall down. When he got back to where he lived. he lived in a place called rutland vt. When he went into a store to buy some milk for a target. So he went to a gun store and bought a glock. Grady went into the woods to shoot his gallons of milk. So when he shot the bullet she missed and shot a dragon. Then the dragon got mad and chased him through the woods. Once the dragon got tired out grady needed to go to the hospital. 

So when he got to the hospital Grady explained to doctor phil, “can you fix my fire problem”

Doctor phil whispered, “ yes but it may cause you to die”

Grady responded, “Sure, let's do it”

Doctor phil put a shot in to grady’s throat. When grady was done he went to open the door and grady collapsed he did a faceplant into the cement. The doctor called 911 and once the paramedics got there grady was pronounced dead at the scene.2,000,000 years later the sun burnt out.
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