Jan 24
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I run free

(This is a sprout of ameliajane's All The Things I Can See. I tried to make it the opposite. This person is an extrovert)

I don't let them stop and question,

My motive or my direction,

Not because of suspension

Or because of the atteniton.

It's a thrill, a whirl,
I am the sun that they orbit around
I can talk
I know everyone, everywhere
I say "hi" almost anywhere.

Those are the things I love
Giggles turning into cackles 
Because I don't care.
Nothing slows down or goes on a loop.
I don't stick to my own group.
My comfort zone has been left so many times,
Maybe I forgot to lock the door behind me.
I don't care, I run free.

It would be hard to keep to myself.
I would be a puppet
Lying limp.
But I'm not because It's OK
To be me

Just let me be me, 
I’m happy, 
Because I run free.
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