Jan 24


i find that a book is a treasure.
a treasure many people can have, but few fully understand.
everyone takes it differently.
nobody looks at it from the same angle.

a book is like a rainbow.
it is beautiful and colorful,
people receive it differently.
some people receive it with excitement,
others with disappointment and an audible sigh.
but it's a rainbow.
you can't hate it.

a book is a piece of art.
it takes creativity and hard work to make, 
and is inspiring to all who see it.

i revere all writers.
they pour their emotions out
to weave words together in such intricate ways.

this, this is why i am a writer.
so i can learn to weave words together
and make a beautiful tapestry of words. 
and get that recognition and reverence
so i, too, can inspire young writers.