Jan 24

A little taste of hunting from the wind

 Itś the weekend again and it's November, which means that it is a hunting weekend. Were loading the truck(My Dad, sister and I) and my brother comes over and asked us if he can come. My Dad asked him if he has everything ready to go then. He said that he does and he brought his own food so he doesn ́t need ours. Were on the road and my Dad says that we need to be on the lookout for the deer. It's windy and that means that itś colder than normal so there are going to be moving to keep warm. We go farther up North and it starts to snow so I start looking for tracks before my Dad tells us to. I see none so far, until we get close to camp. I see that there is a whole herd of them from there tracks and there fresh too. We get to camp and we set up for the weekend, by unloading the truck and getting the stove on so we don't freeze half or more to death. Were unloading the truck, we've got the bedding, food/water, wood, clothes and paper to light the wood, until I hear a graul behind me I turned around to see green eyes, feeling my way for my  hunting rifle, I find it and it creeps towards me which means I need to get the bullets in the magazine and load it. The beautiful gray beast lifts its head and howls at the same time I get one round in the barrel in, it lunges at me but I shoot it right in the left hind leg the bang of the shot was so loud I hear ringing in my ears and it runs away as I run inside with the rifle in hand while everyone looks at me as I slam the door shut and lock it. They ask if I got a deer and I tell them what happened. They ask if I ́m okay and where it went off to. I said that it scurried somewhere into the woods someplace. They said lets just watch a movie and retire for the night. We watch a haunting classic Forrest Gump, after we brush our teeth and go to bed. We wake up at 7:33 at get ready to go out for the day, but our Dad tells us to get in the truck, we do. He brings us into town and  we get coffee and breakfast(Apple cider, ̈Apple spider ̈ as my Dad calls it, donuts and lunch we´ll come back here for griners.) We go look for tracks and the wind is howling and the snow is swirling like in a christmas movie. I see tracks, I tell my dad and he says that itś from late last night, early this morning. I keep looking and when we get back I see that the herd came back while we were gone. We get our rifles out and go into the woods, I see some tracks and follow them. There fresh too. I keep following them until I see that there are coydog prints, they must be looking for them too. We go back, eat lunch and warm up. When we go out the next time my Dad says that I can be in the shed, my sister in the downstairs camp window and my brother in the upstairs one. The wind hasen ́t stopped or slowed down at all. I get the sand bags under my rifle and get it situated so it can be an easy shot. The wind has gotten so bad that I ask for the heater( I never would because I think that that's cheating when your in the shed) and my Dad sets it up for me. I start to fall asleep, but when I see something move in the woods. I see brown, it's a buck! I get my rifle in place in my shoulder and look for a kill shot. Lucky for me it turns to its side so I can get it in the lungs. I pull the trigger and the wind blows it around a little bit but not too much that I miss the shot. It goes down without any trouble( like my sisters first when she hit in the spine and it called for its parents that were behind it.) I run towards it and my family does to. I tag it and we bring it to the worden and go home. When we get home we celebrate with eating the buck that I got and kept the horns as a smooth trophy.
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