Jan 24
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A World of Tomorrow

Tomorrow I hope that there are no animals on the Endanger Species list. 

Tomorrow I hope that there will be no animal testing, 

No Deforestation, 

No pollution, 

Come on America!

Here’s what I’m suggesting,

Clean waters,

Clean air, 

Fewer buildings,

And some grass here and there.

Tomorrow, stop burning greenhouse gasses, 

Stop cutting down trees. 


We’ve lost sight of anything important, 

And we’re causing Antarctica to unfreeze.

Oceans are rising rapidly, 

And at this point, 

We’re facing a tragedy.

Tomorrow, I wish for a world where no fossil fuels are burned, 

Where wind turbines are everywhere, 

Where climate change isn’t even a concern.  

We’re so wrapped up in how we’re doing right now, 

That we don’t know what lies ahead. 

If we don’t act now, our beloved planet will soon be on its deathbed. 
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