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The conversation between two bestfriends.


This story is about two friends named Allyssa and Isabella. Allyssa had red hair with blueish, greenish eyes.  Isabella had blond hair with blue eyes. Isabella’s nickname was Izzy. Allyssa didn't have a nickname. They had been friends for 7 years.  This is a conversation between them.

“Hi.” said Izzy. 

“Hi.” said Allyssa.

“Whatcha doing?” asked Izzy.

“Nothing. What are you doing?

    “Nothing.” said Izzy. 

    “Wanna hang out?” asked Allyssa.

    “Sure.” said Izzy

“So. What do you want to talk about?” asked Izzy.

    “I'm not sure.” said Allyssa.

    “I know!  Let’s talk about  our favorite things!”

    “Okay,” said Allyssa. 

    “So, what's your  favorite animal?” asked Izzy 

    “Monkeys. What's yours?” 

    “Penguins.” answered Izzy.

     “Wannna go to the store?” asked Allyssa. 

     “Sure. said Izzy.

So they went to the store and they got chocolate.



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