Jan 24
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Me: “Hi mom”

Mom: “Hi Bailey, how was your day?”

Me: “It was pretty good. I’m so excited to enjoy my weekend. How was yours?” 

Mom: “It was good. Hey you need to go clean your room!”

Me: Awwwwww! Why do I have to do that! I cleaned it last night!”

Mom: “Umm, and what exactly is your definition of cleaning your room?”

Me: “Well, when you’re in my room, you always tell me to put away my clothes and put them in my drawers neatly. So, I did that and I also put my clothes in the washer and dryer.”

Mom: “Okay… well tonight your room needs to be cleaned from head to toe. It is gonna be spotless! I cannot
take any more filthiness in this house! Your room is a fire hazard!”

Me: “Mom, I know that there's words coming out of your mouth but I can’t understand any of them!” 

Mom: “Just go clean your room. If it’s not clean by Sunday, I’ll take away your electronics!”

Me: “Fine! I will, there goes enjoying my weekend!”                                  

     By, Bailey Hier

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