Jan 24

One Final Gift

One final breath
before my world ends forever.
Gone with the wind,
and the breeze
that takes me away
every so often.
A string pulls me back
from stepping off the edge.
When I am lost in a maze
of my own creation,
you give me a map to the end.
If I could say what you've done for me,
I'd run out of words
with so much left unsaid.
You take away
my demons made of words
and keep them away,
keep me safe.
Long after the sun
no longer dawns on us,
you will be my light.

Let go of your fears,
I'm still here,
and I'll do for you
what you've done for me.
This poem is all I can give you,
and I know it will perish under my bed,
never to be seen by your eyes,
but this is
all I can do.
Goodbye to the 
bridges I burned,
and the chasms
I cannot cross.
Hello to a new day,
with just the two of us,
a way to begin anew.