Jan 24
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“What’s up?” said Mark.

 “Nothing much, you?” asked Chad.

“In fact, I got new AirPods yesterday!” said Mark. 

“OMG you’re so lucky, the only thing that I have are noise canceling headphones!” said Chad.

“I mean, some people don’t even have headphones.” said Mark. 

“True.” said Chad.
“But, other than the fact that I got AirPods, what’s up with Bill?” asked Mark.

“Well, yesterday in Social Studies Bill had lost his phone, so he got pretty upset about that.” said Chad. 

“Well, that’s too bad. Hey we should meet with him.” said Mark.

“Let’s do it.” said Chad.

“Meet me at the park okay!” said Mark. 

“Ok.” said Chad.
“Bro, it’s been 3 hours, where are you!” said Mark.

“I’m at the Arc like you said.” said Chad.

“I said the park!.” said Mark.

“Oh, yeah I was wondering why you wanted me to drive eight and a half hours just to meet you. “Well I’m coming now, ok.” said Chad.
“Okay I’m here now” said Chad.

“Alright, just so you know it’s 3am and you’re texting me because you just got home from the Arc.” said Mark.

“I see your point.” said Chad.

“Go to sleep you creep.” said Mark.

“See you tomorrow.” said Chad. 

“Go to sleep.” said Mark.
                                    By, David

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